Mark Willetts

Client Manager

Brief info

Mark is a talented and self-motivated professional with over 15 years' dedicated financial services experience across Business Management, Superannuation and Client Relations. Having travelled to over 24 countries, Mark brings a global perspective and understanding that helps him forge meaningful connections with clients.

Throughout his career, Mark has earned a number of prestigious accolades and top-tier performance awards for outstanding customer service and client management. He believes in taking time to understand his clients’ needs and wants, and building strong relationships, which allow him to support individuals step-by-step in reaching their goals. It’s Mark’s genuine nature and down-to-earth approach that enable him to connect effortlessly with clients and colleagues alike.

Beyond the professional realm, Mark’s passion for improving the lives of those around him extends to a wide range of charitable endeavours. A true advocate for helping others, Mark is an avid Coast Guard volunteer, who also dedicates his time to various community outreach organisations and local initiatives.

In addition to serving those less fortunate, Mark enjoys sailing, scuba diving, and spending precious time on the beach with his loving family and dogs.