Eden Hartford

Senior Researcher

Brief info

A seasoned professional within the financial services industry, Eden’s wealth of knowledge and a decade of experience under her belt, make her an exceptional addition to the Clear Sky Financial Team. With her RG146 qualification in Financial Planning, Eden is equipped to provide valuable general advice in Superannuation, Wealth Management, Credit Repair and Securities. Her credentials across Finance and Mortgage Broking further extend her expertise.

Eden’s approach to her profession is characterised by an unwavering dedication to customer success. She firmly believes that building personal relationships and establishing rapport with her clients are fundamental to supporting their financial goals. Her clients can always count on her to provide consistent, first-class service, delivered flawlessly and with meticulous attention to detail.

A compassionate and dedicated Senior Researcher, Eden goes the extra mile to understand her clients’ needs, and empower and educate them to make more informed, and ultimately, more profitable long-term financial decisions. Efficiency is another hallmark of Eden’s approach to her work. She takes great pride in ensuring that nothing takes longer than it needs to.

Outside the office, Eden’s devotion extends to her personal life. She cherishes her relationship with her wife and her new baby girl. Eden also enjoys playing golf and foraging for fresh organic produce and delicious home-made treats, at local Farmers’ Markets.