Darius Alligan

Client Manager

Brief info

Darius brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his Client Manager role at Clear Sky Financial. With a background in Sports Science and Business, complemented by ongoing studies towards a Masters in Business Administration, Darius utilises his qualifications and professional skills to create excellent outcomes for his clients.

With over 25 years' of industry experience, Darius is renowned for his analytical acumen, however it’s his strong interpersonal skills that clients appreciate the most. Darius genuinely cares about helping people, and it’s his considerate approach that allows him to foster meaningful connections with clients and colleagues alike. Darius is deeply passionate about empowering everyday Australians to optimise their finances for maximum benefit. His commitment to educating clients on financial wellness aligns perfectly with Clear Sky’s mission to enhance financial literacy and security.

Beyond the office, Darius’s dedication towards personal finance and holistic well-being, extends to and is reflected throughout his private life. He cherishes quality time with friends and family, exploring the latest in technology trends, reading good books, and keeping active playing tennis.