Danielle Maw

Research Analyst

Brief info

Danielle’s demonstrated skills and wealth of expertise in Human Resources and Operations, are instrumental in her delivery of exceptional value to Clear Sky Financial clients. Joining the Team in the capacity of Research Analyst, Danielle’s core competencies in effective communication, complex problem-solving and attention to detail, coupled with her passion for enhancing customer experience, make her a natural and successful fit for this role.

With over a decade of experience in managing the global onboarding for blue-chip organisations, while enhancing and refining process implementation, Danielle’s forward-thinking approach and friendly, caring personality, make her a natural favourite among Clear Sky clients. Her meticulous attention to detail and effective communication techniques, ensure accuracy and clarity in all her work.

Furthermore, it’s Danielle’s ability to build and maintain strong relationships, combined with her extensive business support experience, that underscores her competency and makes her a valuable asset to the Research Team and clients, alike.

Outside of her professional life, Danielle is an avid traveller who enjoys exploring new destinations. Her love for pursuing new experiences extends to visiting different restaurants and sampling cuisines from around the world. In her down time, you can find Danielle making lasting memories with friends and family or immersed in a range of extreme sports.